San Diego Comic-Con Day 1 & 2

I wanted to attend this convention for a while now, but I would not have been able to get a pass. I was able to crash at a friends place and, though I was unable to go inside the convention center, I still had fun. I had heard that there are plenty of things to do around the convention center, and that was pretty much true.

There were plenty of attractions, vendors, and free stuff. Through I didn”t play that many games, I did get two free shirts from an Adult Swim vendor (one free shirt a day per customer). There was a mock bar from the show, Always Sunny In Philadelphia. I posed there while cosplaying as Napoleon Dynamite. There was a big Meatwad dome (from Aqua Teen Hunger Force) where we sat on the ground looking up at the screen above. The visuals were interesting.

I was walking around the convention center while playing Pokemon Go and I managed to catch two Squirtles! There were also plenty of Pokestops.

Because I’m running out of media storage, I will start posting links to galleries from my Flickr account.

Days 3 and 4 will be up soon.

Don’t Think Twice

I was invited to this Press event for a film called, “Don’t Think Twice”. It stars Keegan-Michael Key, Kate Micucci, and Mike Birbiglia (who also wrote and directed it) to name a few.

They each did interviews with everyone like a roundtable, describing how the movie came about and how Mike pretty much wrote a movie about Keegan’s life.  Among a group of Improv friends, a few make it big, which causes tension in the group.

You can view each interview here:

Keegan-Michael Key

Kate Micucci

Mike Birbiglia


Last night, I was invited to record more interview for a special screening of the documentary, Gleason, at the LA Live Regal Theater.

I saw various celebrities/cast and crew for the film, including Steve Gleason, himself, and his wife, Michel Varisco.

We interviewed a few people, including Nick Cannon, Michel Varisco, Scott Fujita (Producer, Football Player), and Director Clay Tweel. There were some other people on the list that we thought we would see, but they snuck in.

The documentary is about Steve Gleason, a former NFL player who played for the New Orleans Saints. He made a play that became well-known in Saints history. He blocked a punt by Atlanta Falcon’s Michael Koenen in the first quarter. He was later diagnosed with ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). The film documents his life and struggles with ALS, as well as the team/foundation called, Team Gleason, that he creates to help others with the disease.

It is raw and emotional with funny moments and I recommend all of you to see it.